Learn English the Easy Way                                        Course Duration : 90/180 Hr(3/6M)

The Parts of Speech, Determiners, Tenses, Auxiliary Verbs, Plurals, Opposites, Comparatives and Superlatives, Subject-Verb Agreement, Question Words, Question Tags, Direct And Indirect Speech, Active And Passive Voice, Punctuation, Improving Conversational English, Situational English, Reading Exercises, Business Idioms, Business English Vocabulary, and Easily Confused Words in English.

Personality Development

Face the World with Confidence Impart Life-Skills for Personal and Professional Success and Develop Skills Necessary for Taking on Higher Responsibilities at the Workplace.
Introduction, Grooming and Hygiene, Etiquette, Self-Confidence, Values and Attitude, Verbal Communication, On-Verbal Communication, Listening Skills, Presentation and Group Discussion Skills, Interview Skills, Planning and Strategising Your Goals And Cross-Cultural Communication. Interpersonal Skills, Problem Solving and Decision Making, Group Dynamics, Conflict Management, Leadership, Time Management, Emotional Intelligence, and Stress Management.